ZK40-1 technical doors brown

Interior doors of ZK type is a perfect solution for utility rooms, industrial and storage halls, public buildings and also for cellar, storage and other spaces, which require high quality door frame-woodwork without fire resistance.


Standard performance

  • Galvanised metal sheet leaf of 0.55 mm thickness
  • Galvanised metal sheet frame of 1.5 mm thickness,
  • Door leaf thickness: 40 mm,
  • Doors galvanised and painted in colour similar to RAL 8014 (brown),
  • Filling of the leaf – honeycomb,
  • Equipped with two hinges of Anuba type,
  • Door lock cylinder with a builder’s key
  • Handles in black with a steel core,
  • Gasket around edges,
  • May be installed on underlayment or finished floor,
  • May be shortened by 15 mm without disturbing a leaf structure and loss of warranty,
  • With a construction doorstep,
  • Full opening passage at opening angle of 90 degrees complies with technical conditions for use of a building.